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Self-Expression & Leadership Programme -3rd Aug 2014 – Accomplishments!

Pink Pampers Gives Breast Cancer Sufferers Spa Day

This Friday, November 2nd, 100 Australian women with breast cancer will receive a free day of pampering at Wylies Baths on Neptune Street in Coogee. The day, which is part of a ‘Sunshine Centre’ initiative, was arranged by Sally Park as her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, will feature massages, meditation, tai chi, yoga, nutritional advice, life coaching and more.

Park, who is herself in remission from breast cancer, is creating the Sunshine Centre initiative to ongoingly have ‘Pink Pamper’ days to make a difference for those with cancer, says she knows the difference this can make from personal experience:

“At the height of my cancer treatment, when I had no hair and my face was all puffed up, it was amazing to be able to have a massage and a facial and enjoy the feeling of being pampered and made to feel special,” she said.

“It is this feeling I would like to share with people.”

This first event will be taking place from 10am Р2pm. For more information or to attend, call 0478021799.


Pink Pangea Provides Travel Information for Women

A comprehensive travel site for women, Pink Pangea, was created originally as a project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The site chronicles the experiences of adventurous women travelling in countries in every continent all over the world. In praising the site, Discovering Startups said that Pink Pangea “provides nuanced information from real women travelers”.

Putt Cancer in the Hole

Francie Warnekros is creating a miniature golf tournament to raise more than $5,000 for the American Brain Tumor Association as her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. As noted in the Queen Anne News, the tournament is taking place Saturday, September 15th, at 11 am at the Interbay Golf Center in Seattle.

The cause is very personal to Warnekros – she lost her own mother to brain cancer when she was just five years old. Teams of four to six people at the tournament will compete for a grand prize, while a host of other prizes, such as Mariners tickets and different kinds of gift certificates, will go to raffle winners. For more information, visit the Putt Cancer in the Hole Facebook page.


ADHD Heroes

Linda Walker’s project in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program was “to create a place where ADHDers could find models of success and be inspired by the possibility of living their full potential”. With a daughter and husband with ADHD, Walker became an ADHD coach in 2005 and has experienced firsthand the enormous difference that positive support can make to those with the disorder.

The place she created is ADHD Heroes, a website where dozens of successful people with ADHD share their stories of overcoming adversity and living fulfilled lives. Visit the website above to read the stories, volunteer for ADHD Heroes, or receive their newsletter.

Acknowledging People Who Make a Difference – The Angel Gallery

The Angel Gallery is the place where you can thank and acknowledge people creatively on the Internet.

The idea was conceived by singer-songwriter Jess Goyder during a leadership program run by Landmark Eductaion. ¬†Jess felt surrounded by ‘angels’ or people she wanted to thank, from an unknown taxi driver who drove her across London and back for nothing to someone who’s made her a piece of furniture out of love.

In wanting to go further than simply saying ‘thank you’, ‘Angeling’ people into the angel gallery was conceived. On this website users will be able to choose from a variety of quirky, hand painted images of angels and send someone a private or public message telling them exactly why they are an angel. Linked closely to both Twitter and Facebook, angeling people will be fun, easy and inspire others to think about who the angels are in their lives who are in need of a thank you. As momentum builds, Jess plans to extend the site into the place of inspiration for even more creative acts of thanks, documenting everything from organised surprises to thank-yous involving art and music.

This first stage of the site launched on 6th June at the Good Ship in London, where Jess performed with a full band. Guests were encouraged to bring along anyone who they wish to thank and the angel messages and images created both before and during the event formed a part of the music and digital projections displayed on the night.