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Date Auction Benefits Kenyan Children

As her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Victoria Tangata has created Date to Educate, a date auction being held February 9th in Seattle, to benefit the education of Kenyan children.

The event will take place from 7-11pm downtown at the Pink Ultra Lounge on 6th and Pine. Dates with ten men and ten women will be auctioned, with the package including a complete date experience such as a romantic dinner, a movie night, dancing or even rock climbing.

The event is intended to raise $10,000 for children’s scholarships and provoke awareness about what it will take for Kenyan children to get real opportunities.

Tickets cost $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. For more information visit the Date to Educate event page.

Men and Women: Bridging the Gap

In this video, a man named Bart Chow explains how while coaching Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program, he created a non-profit, charitable project designed to help women titled ‘Understanding Cars – Connecting with Men’. Chow took his passion for cars and used it as a way of creating something that bridged the gap between men and women:

Landmark Education Bringing Men and Women Together
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As the video shows, Chow examined how cars are often an interest of men that women may feel cut off from – he created a workshop to LSD - carsconnect women to this world, while at the same time having all the proceeds go to children with AIDS. The event was a big success, and allowed women to connect to traditionally ‘male’ interests.

Loving Faridibad

I love my city - LSDIn Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, PP Singh of India, undertook a project to improve his home city of Faridibad with a venture titled “I Love My City”. He created an NGO that has taken on many projects cleaning the city and making it safer, and in the process has received attention from many local newspapers. This story from Faridibad City Plus, dated from Jly 3rd, tells a bit of the story.

It’s Your City, Keep it Clean

Faridibad residents put up an excellent example of fulfilling their duties towards their city when an NGO, “I Love My City,” Market Welfare Association, and RWA jointly took the initiative to clean one of the most popular but messy markets of Sector 15.

The venture was held on Sunday by almost 50 people where they themselves swept the market clean and shouted slogans like “Mera market kaisa ho, Mere ghar ke jaisa ho.” They talked to shopkeepers and vendors about how they were responsible for the upkeep of the market. They received a positive response from the locals when shopkeepers voluntarily started to clean the garbage near their shops  and promised to do the same.

PP Singh, the founder of the NGO, said “I ardently love Faridibad and it is every resident’s responsibility to take care of this city.”

Manohar Puniani, MWA president, said “It is actually our responsibility to keep the market neat and clean and today we have taken the first step.”

The NGO has been associated with many more welfare projects in the past where they undertook the construction of a road in Sector 23 and repaired potholes in Sector 28.

[Find out more by looking up I Love My City on Facebook.]

Women in Art Museum Tour to be Held at Art Institute of Chicago

cassattThe Chi-Town Women in Art group is hosting a tour at the Art Institute of Chicago which focuses exclusively on the great women artists on display at this famous museum. The tour event is the brainchild of Colette Gabriel, who conceived of the project while taking part in Landmark Education’s Self-expression and leadership program. The tour event is taking place on Saturday, August 14, at 10:30 am.

The tour lasts for an hour, and in addition to the guide, it will be accompanied by Beate Minkovski, who is executive director of the Chicago non-profit Woman Made Gallery, who will be on hand to discuss women artists in Chicago, the current state of women artists around the world, and anything else of importance to the tour group. There will be an optional lunch and discussion afterwards at the Garden Cafe located at the museum.

A $32 ticket pays for the special tour and a full day’s admission at the art museum. For more information or to get a ticket, contact Gabriel at cgabriel@me.com or go to the Chi-Town Women in Art group website.

Girls in Gis Brings Jiu-Jitsu to Women

girls in gisGirls in Gis, the project created by Ashley Freeman Nguyen in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, continues to flourish, creating jiu-jitsu events for women across Texas, with the latest event taking place on August 15 at noon in San Antonio.

The first event for Girls for Gis took place on September 19 of last year and was attended by 16 women and girls age 8 and up. Since then a variety of events have taken place, including events in Coppell, Austin and North Richmond Hills earlier this year. The San Antonio event is being held at Carlson Gracie Texas. Girls with Gis events allow women to practice against other women, which is an excellent introduction for women new to the sport.

Freeman Nguyen says she took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu several years ago after tiring of kickboxing and soon found herself enjoying the variety of movements and techniques. She thought jiu-jitsu perfect for women in that it emphasizes leverage and using an opponent’s strength against them. At the same time, she noticed that it was sometimes hard for a woman to establish herself, as the first few months are the most difficult, and many women might be intimidated as beginners grappling with a bunch of sweaty men. Girls in Gis allows women and girls to get into jiu-jitsu by practicing with other women.

To find out more about Girls in Gis, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and upcoming events, visit the Girls in Gis facebook page and website.

Around the World in 36 Frames – Special Evening at Polish Museum in Chicago

polish museumA special exhibit evening is coming tonight, Wednesday, July 22, to the Polish Museum of America located in Chicago, thanks to the project created by Andrew Pawlowski in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The evening exhibit is ‘Around the World in 36 Frames’, a special photography show created by artist Wojtek Gil.

The exhibition shows the world of three years and just one camera and roll of film, where just one picture in 36 different cities around the world was taken. Gil will be on-hand at the event to talk to guests, who will also able to enjoy great Polish food, drink and music as part of the event.

Tickets cost $15, ($10 for museum members), and free parking and easy subway access is available. The event takes place from 6-10pm at the Polish Museum of America at 984 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

Pawlowski indicates that he created his project out of his desire to bring the Polish community in Chicago together – he hopes to put together other compelling events at the museum in the future.