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Free Health and Wellness Fair Coming in Denver

As his project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, health coach Daniel Wolf is creating a free health and wellness fair in Denver on January 6th, from 1-4pm. ‘Healthy Today’ is taking place at the Denver JCC Social Hall, with the aim of supporting participants in fulfilling their 2013 health goals.

Experts on nutrition, exercise and general health and wellness will all be on hand.  Participants will receive a form when they check in at the fair, allowing them to write down three health goals they want for the following year, as well as three things they know they could do to reach that goal. Then, after entering the fair, they can talk and listen to the health professionals and possibly gain support from that professional for the following year. Read more at Daniel Wolf’s website.

Genesis at the Crossroads Creating Global Leadership Academy

Genesis at the Crossroads is a non-profit organization designed to foster peace through cross cultural artistic collaboration and other forms of partnership. Founded 13 years ago by Wendy Sternberg out of her participation in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, GATC has held scores of concert tours throughout the world, featuring performers from diverse backgrounds, including Jewish and Islamic performers playing together.

GATC’s next peace initiative is extremely ambitious: The Genesis Academy for Global Leadership will be a Chicago school featuring an arts curriculum embedded in a core high school curriculum. It will include teaching across a variety of disciplines, and will include at-risk youth and international students.

More information can be found at the GATC website.

‘Mudrun’ Benefits Local Charities

Shane McDonald’s project that he created in Landmark Education’s SELP is a ‘Mudrun’ – specfically named Calibrate Challenge Mad North East Mud Run. The event offers a variety of races through difficult terrain and muddy obstacles.

Taking place on Sunday, November 11th and beginning at Slaley Hall in Hexham, the races range in length from two to ten kilometres, and require an entry fee of £25 -£30, depending up on the time of registration. The entry fees go to local Northumberland charities, which are expected to raise over £10,000 through the event. See more at the mudmad/calibrate challenge site.

Korfball Comes to Colchester

Ben Hall’s project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme is bringing sport of Korfball to Essex. Korfball, which has similarities to basketball, football (soccer) and netball, was invented by the Dutch and is played in many countries around the world.

Free sessions of the game are taking place on Tuesday, October 30th and November 6th, at the Colchester Academy Sports Centre. Contact colchesterkorfball@live.com for information.

Maryland Woman’s Journal Spotlights Projects Created in Self-Expression and Leadership Program

The Maryland Woman’s Journal, Frederick County Edition, recently ran an article that spotlights a host of local projects created by participants in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

They include ‘Battle 4 Books’, a nonprofit created to supply women prison inmates and their children with educational books, a marriage enrichment group where couples can work on communication and conflict resolution, a job exchange between city and suburbs to allow commuters to work closer to home and reduce gridlock, ‘Amazing Graze’, a project working towards better conditions for animals, a dental education system and referral system, and much more.


It Takes a Village

Mike Dietz says that he realized something about families and parenting: people are interconnected, and one family’s successes or struggles impact other people and families that they interact with. This realization led to Dietz’s project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program: It Takes a Village, a parenting group he started in Clark, New Jersey.

According to Clark-Garwood Patch, the group launched with a Sunday Ice Cream Social, and now has a get-together from 6:30-8 on the first Tuesday of every month, which features both an open discussion and a planned speaker.

“I realized that we are all going through the same issues in one way or another,” says Dietze. “In talking to other parents I found that some had great ideas and had things that were working, while others were at their wits end and didn’t know what to do. However, no one was talking to one another about it, sharing ideas on what did and didn’t work with their children.”

For more information, Dietze can be contacted at ClarkParentsGroup@gmail.com.