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Men and Women: Bridging the Gap

In this video, a man named Bart Chow explains how while coaching Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program, he created a non-profit, charitable project designed to help women titled ‘Understanding Cars – Connecting with Men’. Chow took his passion for cars and used it as a way of creating something that bridged the gap between men and women:

Landmark Education Bringing Men and Women Together
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As the video shows, Chow examined how cars are often an interest of men that women may feel cut off from – he created a workshop to LSD - carsconnect women to this world, while at the same time having all the proceeds go to children with AIDS. The event was a big success, and allowed women to connect to traditionally ‘male’ interests.

What Would Men Say?

Andrea Schell created a web series about what men really think about women, relationships and commitment, titled ‘What Would Men Say?’ The web series, which was Schell’s project when she took part in the self-expression and leadership program by Landmark Education, features videos with a few men of different backgrounds on Commitment, being a man, women’s bodies, and other related issues.

Schell also has a website which gives more information, including an ongoing blog, located at http://whatwouldmensay.com. Here is Schell’s latest video focusing specifically on commitment: