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27th January 2013 SELP Participants- Making a Difference to thousands……

52 Projects in a span of three and half months!

Amazing contribution to Humanity.


Sankalp Community Project – SELP Project – Mumbai Graduates

Sankalp Community Project – This is a Project Presentation of 50 social projects created by a group of people who participated in the Self Expression and Leadership Program, Led by SELP Leader Aunshul Varma  started 22nd September 2013.

Self-Expression and Leadership Programme Projects from Bangalore

From India comes this video which highlights projects created in Landmark’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme in Bangalore.

Loving Faridibad

I love my city - LSDIn Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, PP Singh of India, undertook a project to improve his home city of Faridibad with a venture titled “I Love My City”. He created an NGO that has taken on many projects cleaning the city and making it safer, and in the process has received attention from many local newspapers. This story from Faridibad City Plus, dated from Jly 3rd, tells a bit of the story.

It’s Your City, Keep it Clean

Faridibad residents put up an excellent example of fulfilling their duties towards their city when an NGO, “I Love My City,” Market Welfare Association, and RWA jointly took the initiative to clean one of the most popular but messy markets of Sector 15.

The venture was held on Sunday by almost 50 people where they themselves swept the market clean and shouted slogans like “Mera market kaisa ho, Mere ghar ke jaisa ho.” They talked to shopkeepers and vendors about how they were responsible for the upkeep of the market. They received a positive response from the locals when shopkeepers voluntarily started to clean the garbage near their shops  and promised to do the same.

PP Singh, the founder of the NGO, said “I ardently love Faridibad and it is every resident’s responsibility to take care of this city.”

Manohar Puniani, MWA president, said “It is actually our responsibility to keep the market neat and clean and today we have taken the first step.”

The NGO has been associated with many more welfare projects in the past where they undertook the construction of a road in Sector 23 and repaired potholes in Sector 28.

[Find out more by looking up I Love My City on Facebook.]

Project Identifies and Restores Neglected Indian Monuments

srinivas raoThe project created by Srinivasa Rao in his Landmark SELP programme to identify and restore neglected historic monuments in the Indian province of Karnataka (which includes Bangalore) has been recognized with a major feature article in The Bangalore Mirror.

Rao teamed with six other colleagues in the tech industry to work with him in pooling their time and money to restore dilapidated ancient monuments. His project, first titled “Unseen Karnataka”, began when he wrote about these monuments and the benefits it would bring society for them to be restored. But when he talked with his friends, they all decided that more than writing was called for. Rao relates that they decided that taking direct action was a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to their homeland.

temple - indiaThey worked with the Archaeological Survey of Indian, identifying different sites and spending their weekends investigating them. They visited twenty-five locations and began work at three of them. In doing so, they both educated local communities and tourists online about the different sites. In the months that followed, they worked with local citizens and college students to unearth a number of ancient temples.

The costs of excavation are of course very high. Go to the Unseen Karnataka website to get involved.

Fundraiser Aids Indian School


Tessa Mills created a fundraising event to raise £1,000 for new classrooms at a Himalayan school. The event, which was her project in the self expression and leadership programme, actually raised £1,500 and the attention of the London Informer.

Chelsea Party for Indian Kids

by Ellie Dyer

A Chelsea resident has been inspired to throw a party to help build a new classroom at an Indian school, nestled in the foothills of the world’s largest mountains.

Tessa Mills, 56, is hosting an event at World’s End Studios, in Lots Road, tomorrow night to help children in the famous tea-growing district of Darjeeling.

She hopes to raise £1,000 for the 55 pupil English-speaking school, so it can extend its educational reach and improve the lives of youngsters, after a visit to the institute.

“It was truly amazing place, on the foothills of the Himalayas. But there was a huge contrast between the beauty and the simplicity of the classrooms”, said Tessa.

“Raising the money will means the school can continue.”

Tickets for the party cost £15 and it starts at 6pm. The ticket includes an Indian beer and entertainment.

It will be held at the World’s End Studio, 134 Lots Road, Chelsea.