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Pictures Create Memories for Foster Kids

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, local photographer Jennifer Little has created a project in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program to give foster children the same kinds of visual memories that most kids have.

The project, Storytellers Society Fort Lauderdale, is arranging for 1,500 children in the Broward County Foster system to have their picture taken in their home environment. They will be given the picture as well as a short journal entry written by each child about their lives at that time.

Says Little, “They don’t have many photographs that are following their childhood, and that is a critical part of our lives because that’s how we remember our childhood.”

Inspire Pakistan Day

Asim Kahn’s project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme in London was ‘Inspire Pakistan Day’, a day to inspire people and create a positive view of Pakistan. The day is being held January 14th, and is being supported by universities, government agencies and some local celebrities.

The project is promoting events that raise awareness of Pakistan’s achievements, cultural diversity and natural beauty, as well as highlighting Pakistanis abroad. To see more and look at news coverage about the day, visit Inspire Pakistan.

Korfball Comes to Colchester

Ben Hall’s project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme is bringing sport of Korfball to Essex. Korfball, which has similarities to basketball, football (soccer) and netball, was invented by the Dutch and is played in many countries around the world.

Free sessions of the game are taking place on Tuesday, October 30th and November 6th, at the Colchester Academy Sports Centre. Contact for information.

I Love My City Embarks on Anti-Spitting Campaign

I Love My City, the city improvement program created by P.P. Singh during his participation in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, is continuing its campaign to improve the quality of life in the city of Faridibad with a new anti-spitting campaign. On October 20th, in partnership with the New Delhi Trader Association, the organization held an awareness event, Dilli Meri Shaan…Mat banao ishe Peek Daan, which means Delhi My Pride…Do not make it a spit bin.

As part of the event, pillars and walls were repainted, people signed a pledge board to help keep the city clean, pamphlets were distributed highlighting the negative health consequences of spitting, and flowerpots labelled ‘I Love My City’ were placed at corners most affected. Read more about I Love My City.

Community Cookbook for a Synagogue

Food is unquestionably an important part of Jewish culture.  There are many family recipes and favourite dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  There are also many mixed-faith families, where the person who does most of the cooking has not had the benefit of those recipes and know-how to prepare family favourite dishes passed down from grandparents to parents to children, yet would love to experience the joy of preparing and eating food enjoyed by generations of Jews.  There is a real danger that these recipes might get lost and forgotten and younger families would miss out on the joys of those dishes.

David Sommer from London, UK has created a project as part of a Landmark Education program to produce a community cookbook for his synagogue where recipes enjoyed by families can be shared with the whole community.  As well as the recipes, the book will include stories and anecdotes about the recipes, which will give the reader a more personal connection with the dishes.  David explains: “the idea is to keep the traditions that define us alive and allow families for generations to come to enjoy not only great Jewish food, but also to know that there is a direct connection between the dishes they prepare and the Jewish community they belong to”.

Loving Faridibad

I love my city - LSDIn Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, PP Singh of India, undertook a project to improve his home city of Faridibad with a venture titled “I Love My City”. He created an NGO that has taken on many projects cleaning the city and making it safer, and in the process has received attention from many local newspapers. This story from Faridibad City Plus, dated from Jly 3rd, tells a bit of the story.

It’s Your City, Keep it Clean

Faridibad residents put up an excellent example of fulfilling their duties towards their city when an NGO, “I Love My City,” Market Welfare Association, and RWA jointly took the initiative to clean one of the most popular but messy markets of Sector 15.

The venture was held on Sunday by almost 50 people where they themselves swept the market clean and shouted slogans like “Mera market kaisa ho, Mere ghar ke jaisa ho.” They talked to shopkeepers and vendors about how they were responsible for the upkeep of the market. They received a positive response from the locals when shopkeepers voluntarily started to clean the garbage near their shops  and promised to do the same.

PP Singh, the founder of the NGO, said “I ardently love Faridibad and it is every resident’s responsibility to take care of this city.”

Manohar Puniani, MWA president, said “It is actually our responsibility to keep the market neat and clean and today we have taken the first step.”

The NGO has been associated with many more welfare projects in the past where they undertook the construction of a road in Sector 23 and repaired potholes in Sector 28.

[Find out more by looking up I Love My City on Facebook.]