About the Leadership and Self-Development site

The Self-expression and Leadership Program is the fourth and final part of Landmark’s Curriculum for Living.

Every participant creates a project in some community in their life such as a sports or social club, an extended family, or a youth group.

They are given training, support and coaching to empower them to bring that project to fruition over the three months of this Landmark program. As they do so, they make enormous strides in their ability to engage others in fulfilling a shared vision, to create and manage teams, and to deliver extraordinary results. These skills are then available for them to apply in all areas of their life.

This site will give accounts of some of the extraordinary projects that have been created all over the world by participants in this program.

This website is not affiliated with Landmark Worldwide and does not represent the views, ideas or opinions of Landmark Worldwide or any of its affiliated entities.