Live Life After Death (by KAMLESH KHANVILKAR)

By Yogesh Mulki / September 21, 2014

AIM : To spread awareness on Cadaver Organ Transplantation and Organ Donation, encouraging people to come forward and pledge for organ donation after death.


COMMUNITY CHOSEN TO KEEP THE PROJECT ALIVE :  Society, Work Place and Colleges in Pune.

COMMUNITY WHICH WOULD BENEFIT : All patients suffering from end stage organ failure can get a new life with donated organs.

RESULTS ACHIEVED: Teamed up with NGO ‘Mind Catalyst Foundation’ and obtained support from Pune ZTCC  (Zonal Transplant Coordination Center) for conducting sessions on organ donation.

Sessions in some colleges is under planning.


–The current organ donation rate from brain – dead donors in India is 0.05 per million, about  50 cadaver donors per year, as against countries like Spain which have a donation rate of 33 per million population.

–At a donation rate of only 1 per million, we would have 1100 organ donors or potentially 2200 kidneys, 1100 hearts, 11OO Livers, 11@ pancreases and 2200 corneas.

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