By Yogesh Mulki / September 21, 2014


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AIM.  To facilitate the festivals of Orissa in Pune which will help in

  • People across Pune can have access to Orissa cultural history.
  • Future Generation will have access to old culture.
  • Will provide a platform  for ladies and children to get together.

COMMUNITY CHOSEN TO KEEP THE PROJECT ALIVE.  People from Orissa who have settled in Pune and all people who have keen interest in understanding other cultures.

COMMUNITY WHICH WOULD BENEFIT.  All the people of Pune who are interested in cultural activity.

RESULTS ACHIEVED.  A  “RathYatra” was held at Pune from June 29th to July 7th.

INSIGHTS IF ANY.    A lot of satisfaction and peace of mind as a result of the conduct of the festival. 



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