Always in My Heart

LSD - panoramaThe following are excerpts from a story published in the December 2013 issue of Panorama, an Italian Canadian publication.

Always in my Heart

A successful children’s community project in Richmond Hill

Always in my Heart is a project inspired by Liliana Guadagnoli through a Self-Expression and Leadership Program that she is currently enrolled in. She is currently the Assistant to the Chair of the French Studies Department, York University, and a co-author of a collection of poems.

The basis of the project is to help children overcome the loss of a pet, toy, object, etc., with grace and ease. Children had a guided meditation, and afterwards drew what they experienced. On Sunday, December 16th this project came to life, with many participants between the ages of 5 and 16. A surprise twist to the event came when the facilitator, Maria Grazia Bevilacqua, asked the parents to participate.

The children were extremely receptive to the meditation and instructions, which were carried through easily. It was amazing to discover that all children had addressed various losses, from toys, pets, friend and loved ones, to have the ability to find in a short period of time the happy moment after the sad moment of the loss. What was also amazing was that parents were stuck in finding their happy moment  quickly after a loss.

What both children and adults got from this event was the ability to increase awareness of their personalities through the readings of the drawings executed by Bevilacqua. The purpose of the event was to teach the children to increase their awareness, so that they won’t get stuck in their future years, making decisions for themselves and following their true purpose, creating happy lives. The event was very successful and the atmosphere was joyful and peaceful.

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