Jarboe Foundation Helps Massachusetts Underprivileged

LSD - foundationOne Landmark graduate has fulfilled a longtime dream of establishing a foundation to help the needy in his community. Real estate entrepreneur Justin Jarboe and his wife Alice founded the Jarboe Foundation in 2013 with the goal of assisting the underprivileged in various ways such as food support and help around the holidays.

“While in my Self Expression and Leadership program at Landmark Worlwide I discovered that I am not doing this world a service by hiding in the shadows,” said Jarboe in an interview with Golocal Worcester. “The world doesn’t need any more people settling for mediocrity. At that moment I knew I wanted a bigger life. I wanted to help people.”

During the last two months, the foundation fed 28 families at Thanksgiving, and provided presents (buying and wrapping the requested gifts) for 40 families at Christmas. Find out more at The Jarboe Foundation website.

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