Schools 4 Change Presents First Ramadan Dinner

LSD - ramadan dinnerOn July 20th, Schools 4 Change held its first Ramadan dinner in London. The dinner, the Self-Expression and Leadership Program project of Aamna Khokhar, was both a fundraiser for a school in Pakistan and an opportunity for religious acceptance, cultural equality and generational togetherness, as both Muslim and non-Muslim were invited to come and share with us the possibility of building bridges in communities.

Schools for Change is building a school in Pakistan for females. They have established a choice of curriculum, gotten a team in action and secured 11 acres of land on which to build the school. They have had a number of successful events over the last year and intend to continue to have more to entertain and raise money at the same time. Their job now is to raise enough funds to be able to start the building work and for that £20,000 is needed, of which ‘a feast of conversation’ started the work towards.

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