Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Learn about Water

Thanks to Angella Breitenbeck and the project she is creating in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, girl scouts and boy scouts in Michigan will have the opportunity to understand how our water system works. Titled FLUSH!, this program will help scouts and their parents understand our water system through guided tours of water treatment plants in their area. During the tour, scouts and parents will have fun while learning about the science of water, water infrastructure, and the importance of this natural resource.

Says Breitenbeck “If the tours can inspire one child about science, the world, and the endless possibilities that are out there, then I’ve done my job.”

Charles Bellmore, Utilities Director and tour guide says, “Teaching the Boy and Girls Scouts of America about our drinking water and wastewater treatment systems is important because the Scouts will become the leaders of tomorrow who will inherit the responsibility of managing these facilities that protect public health and the environment.”

Boy scout tours begin March 16 and girl scout tours start March 23. Both girl scouts and boy scouts can earn a variety of badges and patches for their participation. For more information contact Breitenbeck at 734-462-3900 or

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