Mensa Award Given for ESL Newspaper

Elizabeth Claire has received The Intellectual Benefit to Society Award from Mensa for co-founding an English as a second language newspaper and other educational material for ESL students. As her project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Claire founded the newspaper, Easy English News, in partnership with Mariko Sasaki in Bergen County, New Jersey – Claire wrote the paper while Sasaki sold advertisements.

The paper’s intention is to make it easier for adults and young adults to adjust to living in the United States by giving them a simplified newspaper. Later, Claire grew the paper into a national, subscription based newspaper which now reaches 140,000 readers per month – all told, more than five million copies of the newspaper have been sold. Eventually, Claire also wrote five phonics books to help those with a very limited English vocabulary learn to speak the language.

The award will be given at the Virginia Beach Toastmasters Club. See more at

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