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Food is unquestionably an important part of Jewish culture.  There are many family recipes and favourite dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.  There are also many mixed-faith families, where the person who does most of the cooking has not had the benefit of those recipes and know-how to prepare family favourite dishes passed down from grandparents to parents to children, yet would love to experience the joy of preparing and eating food enjoyed by generations of Jews.  There is a real danger that these recipes might get lost and forgotten and younger families would miss out on the joys of those dishes.

David Sommer from London, UK has created a project as part of a Landmark Education program to produce a community cookbook for his synagogue where recipes enjoyed by families can be shared with the whole community.  As well as the recipes, the book will include stories and anecdotes about the recipes, which will give the reader a more personal connection with the dishes.  David explains: “the idea is to keep the traditions that define us alive and allow families for generations to come to enjoy not only great Jewish food, but also to know that there is a direct connection between the dishes they prepare and the Jewish community they belong to”.

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