Renton Group Builds Soft Surface Trails

By DJacoby / May 10, 2012

The town of Renton, Washington, has a plan for building soft surface trails in its open areas, but budget constraints are making the plan move very slowly. Rudy Case created a project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression Program to make this vision a reality.

The project titled Renton Trails, and featured in an article in RentonPatch, is taking on fundraising to new trails, having volunteers use GPS devices to map new trails, taking on cleaning up open areas, habitat restoration and more. While the town will have the final say on where the new trails go, Case sees plenty of opportunity for individuals to demonstrate leadership and make a difference.

“People can make their own volunteer positions,” he noted.  “Our focus is fundraising and community activism so we can get this accomplished without spending all the taxpayers’ money.”

Renton Trails is having its debut event, a cleanup of Honey Creek Trails, this Saturday, May 12 at 9am. To find our more or get involved, visit the Renton Trails site.


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