‘Urban Heroes’ Educates and Inspires Children

LSD - urban heroesAnthony Isaac Perez writes that he created ‘Urban Heroes Art  & Advocacy’ as his project in Landmark Education’s Self-expression and leadership program. The organization is dedicated to educating and inspiring youth by empowering their artistic self-expression. Urban Heroes provides art programs which include mural making and alternative street art.

Earlier this year the first fundraiser for the group was held. Titled ‘Paint my Town with Heroes’, the event, held at the El Fandango restaurant in San Diego, used $40 tickets and a silent auction to raise money, and engaged in a conversation with attendees using visual media to explore what the program can provide for the community.

In addition to art techniques, Urban Heroes programs are about children having the leadership skills to create murals that enhance their communities. Find out more at the Urban Heroes blog.

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Leadership Development - April 24, 2012

Inspiring project to teach kids about art and leadership skills in San Diego

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