Creating a Grandparents Day

LSD - grandparentsThe following article was written by Agnes Ginestet in August 25th Cook Strait News in New Zealand – it’s about the project Charlotte Clark created in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme to appreciate grandparents by having a Grandparents Day established in New Zealand.

Appreciating Grandparents

A 24-year old Thorndon resident is hoping to gather 50,000 signatures on a petition to create a National New Zealand Grandparents’ day.

Charlotte Clark says like Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, this would be an opportunity to celebrate who our grandparents are for us, to call them, to visit them, to let them know how amazing and how loved they are.

“That would just be amazing if we had something like that for grandparents. It is really big and exciting for me to think about something and think I can actually give it a go.”

She started this initiative as part of a self-expression and leadership programme at Landmark Education.

“We get to choose a community that we want to make a difference in, and create and lead a project in the community.”

She says grandparents play a role in communities by doing a lot of volunteer work, and they play a huge role in the families in terms of supporting their children and grandchildren.

“It is easy to forget to really acknowledge them for how amazing they are.”

Charlotte has one grandparent left, Helen, who lives in Tauranga and whom she sees twice a year.

“I just love her so much. Her and my granddad were always there. Grandparents are so warm. They are just so loving.”

Charlotte says she has contacted Grey Power Wellington and other organizations such as Girlguiding NZ and Scouts NZ to let people know about the petitions.

She would love that young people go in the community, and tell their friends and families about it.

“The more people hear about it, the easier it will be to happen.”

Sign the petition online here.

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