Ruby Violet Pampers Women

LSD - ruby violetRachel Teubert manages the Simple Scissors Salon and Spa in Ganesville, Wisconsin. According to the Gazette Xtra of Ganesville, Teubert’s project from Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership course was the creation of Ruby Violet, a program to provide salon and spa pampering treatments to women who have suffered the effects of domestic violence.

Teubert’s project goes beyond simply providing care in her own salon – she has put together a team of people which has a group of participating salons, the support of the local YWCA, which has a shelter for battered women, and ultimately, the purchase and refurbishment of a travelling RV which will be a ‘salon on wheels’ catering to victims of domestic violence. The project is named Ruby Violet both because of the color of bruises and the same initials as an RV.

Jane McCauley of the YWCA, Jeni Sauser of Studio 107, Rachel Walker of J.P. Cullens & Sons, and Chad Barnes are all taking leadership roles within the project. Allison Hokinson of the YWCA describes the value of the project in the Gazette:

“Their self-esteem is at an all-time low, and they’ve never been treated with such dignity and respect that you get during a salon appointment,” she said. “The project and its tag line ‘pampering with a purpose’ provides an opportunity for women to feel pampered again and to connect with another woman.”

Treatments are ongoing at local salons until the RV can be purchased and set up – fundraisers are planned to raise $15,000 for this purpose and for raising awareness.

Visit our story on Olga’s Beautiful Beings for another great example of salon treatment for those affected by domestic abuse.

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