Sunday Fun Days Connect Community, Families

By DJacoby / August 5, 2010

familyPennsylvania resident and Landmark Education graduate Mark Wiggins was recently featured in the Sewickley Herald for the ‘Sunday Fun Days’ project he created in the self-expression and leadership program.

Wiggins, who took the SELP in Pittsburgh, said that he saw bullying and cliques among the young people in his neighborhood, and saw a real need to connect families and the community as a whole. He reached out to many of the families in the neigborhood and convinced eight of them to each host a different ‘fun day’ on a Sunday this summer, a day consisting of fun family activities that brought people together.

Days held this summer have included a water day of games, a bike riding day and more. The last of these events is scheduled for August 15, where they will have a potluck dinner at a local swimming pool to celebrate the end of summer. Wiggins said the events were such a success that he’s planning to do the same thing next summer.

Wiggins, who is a hockey coach, nurse and scout leader, nevertheless says he is not a ‘take charge’ guy and that this event was out of his comfort zone.

The article gives background on Landmark Education and what Wiggins got out of Landmark programs – Wiggins noted that he wouldn’t have even thought of undertaking such a project had he not taken part in the SELP.

“It helps you come out of your skin, put things in the past behind you and engage with other people,” said Wiggins. “It is such a positive experience and people were so encouraging, telling me it was a good idea. My goal is to try to inspire others to do something like this in their own neighborhoods.”

To read the entire story, visit the Sewickley Herald online.

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NITIN - September 21, 2012

Excellent job my friend. your stand will make difference in many life. keep it up.

Nitin Chavan
SELP Coach.
Landmark Education
Mumbai, India.

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