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Ruby Violet Pampers Women

LSD - ruby violetRachel Teubert manages the Simple Scissors Salon and Spa in Ganesville, Wisconsin. According to the Gazette Xtra of Ganesville, Teubert’s project from Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership course was the creation of Ruby Violet, a program to provide salon and spa pampering treatments to women who have suffered the effects of domestic violence.

Teubert’s project goes beyond simply providing care in her own salon – she has put together a team of people which has a group of participating salons, the support of the local YWCA, which has a shelter for battered women, and ultimately, the purchase and refurbishment of a travelling RV which will be a ‘salon on wheels’ catering to victims of domestic violence. The project is named Ruby Violet both because of the color of bruises and the same initials as an RV.

Jane McCauley of the YWCA, Jeni Sauser of Studio 107, Rachel Walker of J.P. Cullens & Sons, and Chad Barnes are all taking leadership roles within the project. Allison Hokinson of the YWCA describes the value of the project in the Gazette:

“Their self-esteem is at an all-time low, and they’ve never been treated with such dignity and respect that you get during a salon appointment,” she said. “The project and its tag line ‘pampering with a purpose’ provides an opportunity for women to feel pampered again and to connect with another woman.”

Treatments are ongoing at local salons until the RV can be purchased and set up – fundraisers are planned to raise $15,000 for this purpose and for raising awareness.

Visit our story on Olga’s Beautiful Beings for another great example of salon treatment for those affected by domestic abuse.

Transport Autism Comes to Biggleswade

LSD - autismMark Ty-Wharton’s project from the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Programme brings together two different worlds – classic cars and motorcycles, and autism. The project aims to create a museum of classic transport staffed by those who have some degree of autism. The Biggleswade Chronicle has written stories about the Transport Autism project, one of which is reproduced below.

Motorcycle display puts transport museum into gear!

A vintage motorcycle has roared into a shop to help promote ambitious plans for a new transport museum.

The 1956 Ariel Red Hnter 350 is currently on display in the window of Serendipity on Biggleswade High Street.

And it is hoped that the bike, which is on loan from Stotfold Engineers, will encourage more people to get involved in the project and show their support for Transport Autism.

Transport Autism, the brainchild of Mark Ty-Wharton, is a project that hopes to bring a transport museum straffed by people with Autistic spectrum disorders to the town.

Anyone interested in finding out more is encouraged to drop into their shop and sign up to the new mailing list for the latest news about the project.

The bike has been in storage for 15 years, and was the first restoration project of Stotfold Engineers’ Terry Ives.

For more information visit the website at

‘On a Mission for Families’ Featured on WTMJ News

LST - mission for familiesUpdate: The event created by Brent Kroll in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program to honor and entertain military families, “On a Mission for Familes”, took place on August 22 and was featured on local television stations, including MTMJ News in Milwaukee.

The event, the logistics of which were organized by Laura Boxhorn, was held in the afternoon at Minooka part and was covered in this previous story here at Leadership and Self Development. Watch the coverage from MTMJ News in the clip below.

Men and Women: Bridging the Gap

In this video, a man named Bart Chow explains how while coaching Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program, he created a non-profit, charitable project designed to help women titled ‘Understanding Cars – Connecting with Men’. Chow took his passion for cars and used it as a way of creating something that bridged the gap between men and women:

Landmark Education Bringing Men and Women Together
Uploaded by incutelex.

As the video shows, Chow examined how cars are often an interest of men that women may feel cut off from – he created a workshop to LSD - carsconnect women to this world, while at the same time having all the proceeds go to children with AIDS. The event was a big success, and allowed women to connect to traditionally ‘male’ interests.

Kalamazoo Water Festival – a Good Time and a Call to Action

water festivalThe project created by Mark Duval in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program resulted in the first Kalamazoo Water Festival, held this past Saturday at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place. According to the Western Herald, the newspaper of Western Michigan University, Duval was a “vital igniter” of the festival launch.

In addition to taking part in Landmark’s SELP, Duval was inspired by Seth Bernard, who has held water festivals across Michigan. Duval began by creating a partnership with the Kalamazoo River Watershed Council, a non-profit dedicated to working with local groups to protecting the Kalamazoo River. Proceeds from the festival went to the Watershed Council.

With the one million gallon oil spill in the Kalamazoo River having recently taken place, the festival was a call to action for the community. Speakers and information booths supported attendees in how they could make a difference.

Additionally, entertainment was provided by a wide variety of local musicians – festival coordinator Michael Beauchamp performed with his band, Red Tail Ring, and band Red Sea Pedestrians performed a new song inspired by the Enbridge Oil Spill. Duval performed with his own band, Who Hit John? Many other bands from the thriving Michigan folk music scene also performed at the festival.

Loving Faridibad

I love my city - LSDIn Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme, PP Singh of India, undertook a project to improve his home city of Faridibad with a venture titled “I Love My City”. He created an NGO that has taken on many projects cleaning the city and making it safer, and in the process has received attention from many local newspapers. This story from Faridibad City Plus, dated from Jly 3rd, tells a bit of the story.

It’s Your City, Keep it Clean

Faridibad residents put up an excellent example of fulfilling their duties towards their city when an NGO, “I Love My City,” Market Welfare Association, and RWA jointly took the initiative to clean one of the most popular but messy markets of Sector 15.

The venture was held on Sunday by almost 50 people where they themselves swept the market clean and shouted slogans like “Mera market kaisa ho, Mere ghar ke jaisa ho.” They talked to shopkeepers and vendors about how they were responsible for the upkeep of the market. They received a positive response from the locals when shopkeepers voluntarily started to clean the garbage near their shops  and promised to do the same.

PP Singh, the founder of the NGO, said “I ardently love Faridibad and it is every resident’s responsibility to take care of this city.”

Manohar Puniani, MWA president, said “It is actually our responsibility to keep the market neat and clean and today we have taken the first step.”

The NGO has been associated with many more welfare projects in the past where they undertook the construction of a road in Sector 23 and repaired potholes in Sector 28.

[Find out more by looking up I Love My City on Facebook.]