Girls in Gis Brings Jiu-Jitsu to Women

girls in gisGirls in Gis, the project created by Ashley Freeman Nguyen in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, continues to flourish, creating jiu-jitsu events for women across Texas, with the latest event taking place on August 15 at noon in San Antonio.

The first event for Girls for Gis took place on September 19 of last year and was attended by 16 women and girls age 8 and up. Since then a variety of events have taken place, including events in Coppell, Austin and North Richmond Hills earlier this year. The San Antonio event is being held at Carlson Gracie Texas. Girls with Gis events allow women to practice against other women, which is an excellent introduction for women new to the sport.

Freeman Nguyen says she took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu several years ago after tiring of kickboxing and soon found herself enjoying the variety of movements and techniques. She thought jiu-jitsu perfect for women in that it emphasizes leverage and using an opponent’s strength against them. At the same time, she noticed that it was sometimes hard for a woman to establish herself, as the first few months are the most difficult, and many women might be intimidated as beginners grappling with a bunch of sweaty men. Girls in Gis allows women and girls to get into jiu-jitsu by practicing with other women.

To find out more about Girls in Gis, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and upcoming events, visit the Girls in Gis facebook page and website.

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