Pure Love Project Aids Animals, Leads to Governor’s Proclamation in Georgia

dog very cuteThe project Kate O’Driscoll created in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program began as a fundraiser to raise money for animal rescue groups and expanded to result in a proclamation by the governor of Georgia himself declaring October 10-16 to be Animal Friends Week.

The ‘Pure Love Project’ fundraiser was held on June 6 at Olde Blind Irish Dog Pub, and raised money for three groups: a dog rescue group, a cat rescue group and a pet food bank. These groups were Paw Prints Foundation, Cats in the Cradle Inc., and Save Our Pets Food Bank.

The work of O’Driscoll and the Pure Love Project eventually led to Georgia governor Sonny Perdue, who is himself a licensed veterinarian declaring Animal Friends Week in October. O’Driscoll sees public awareness and fundraising for rescue groups to be essential at this time, as due to the challenging economy, pets are being abandoned in record numbers. The Pure Love Project website gives more information about the three worthy groups its fundraiser supported.

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