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Women in Art Museum Tour to be Held at Art Institute of Chicago

cassattThe Chi-Town Women in Art group is hosting a tour at the Art Institute of Chicago which focuses exclusively on the great women artists on display at this famous museum. The tour event is the brainchild of Colette Gabriel, who conceived of the project while taking part in Landmark Education’s Self-expression and leadership program. The tour event is taking place on Saturday, August 14, at 10:30 am.

The tour lasts for an hour, and in addition to the guide, it will be accompanied by Beate Minkovski, who is executive director of the Chicago non-profit Woman Made Gallery, who will be on hand to discuss women artists in Chicago, the current state of women artists around the world, and anything else of importance to the tour group. There will be an optional lunch and discussion afterwards at the Garden Cafe located at the museum.

A $32 ticket pays for the special tour and a full day’s admission at the art museum. For more information or to get a ticket, contact Gabriel at or go to the Chi-Town Women in Art group website.

Girls in Gis Brings Jiu-Jitsu to Women

girls in gisGirls in Gis, the project created by Ashley Freeman Nguyen in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program, continues to flourish, creating jiu-jitsu events for women across Texas, with the latest event taking place on August 15 at noon in San Antonio.

The first event for Girls for Gis took place on September 19 of last year and was attended by 16 women and girls age 8 and up. Since then a variety of events have taken place, including events in Coppell, Austin and North Richmond Hills earlier this year. The San Antonio event is being held at Carlson Gracie Texas. Girls with Gis events allow women to practice against other women, which is an excellent introduction for women new to the sport.

Freeman Nguyen says she took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu several years ago after tiring of kickboxing and soon found herself enjoying the variety of movements and techniques. She thought jiu-jitsu perfect for women in that it emphasizes leverage and using an opponent’s strength against them. At the same time, she noticed that it was sometimes hard for a woman to establish herself, as the first few months are the most difficult, and many women might be intimidated as beginners grappling with a bunch of sweaty men. Girls in Gis allows women and girls to get into jiu-jitsu by practicing with other women.

To find out more about Girls in Gis, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and upcoming events, visit the Girls in Gis facebook page and website.

Workshop Brings Fun to Parenting

parenting funFrom the Bay area of California comes word of a project created in the Landmark Education SELP program designed to aid in effective parenting in the Asian American community, bringing fun and joy to the process. The project, created by Wendy Q. Chen, is a workshop event being held Saturday, August 7, at the Great American Theme Park in Santa Clara.

Chen, who owns American Financial Success (AFS), partnered with San Francisco educator Nancy Huang and Vincent Zeng of Soundtek Music to put on and host the event, which aims to create joyful, loving and trusting relationships between parents and children in the Asian American community.

Tickets for the event are $43, but the first 50 participants are only charged $25.80. The event begins promptly at 8am that Saturday – for more information call 415-806-5493 or email

Pennsylvanian Porcine Project Takes Aim at Blue Ear Disease

pig picThe project created by Paul Pitcher in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program has an interesting emphasis: the prevention of ‘blue ear disease’ (also called Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, or PRRS) in the pork industry in Pennsylvania. At an informational meeting held on July 12 at the Country Fare Restaurant, Pitcher spoke to Lancaster Farming about the importance of working with neighboring farmers to reduce the incidence of the disease, taking a more regional approach to the problem rather than the farm-by-farm approach usually taken in Pennsylvania.

“The main thing is people have pride in the way they run their farms,” said Pitcher. “You have to be careful to not step on toes. But at the same time, they can learn something about [blue ear disease] risks.”

Pitcher and swine producers are working this summer on a PRRS  Risk Assessment, wherein they wil take a short survey detailing production practices with the help of a risk assessor, resulting in a detailed analysis of PRRS risk sources, which will be provided to partipating producers for their decision making. It is estimated that PRRS costs swine producers in the U.S. at least $600 million annually. Read about Pitcher and efforts to produce PRRS at Lancaster Farming.

Around the World in 36 Frames – Special Evening at Polish Museum in Chicago

polish museumA special exhibit evening is coming tonight, Wednesday, July 22, to the Polish Museum of America located in Chicago, thanks to the project created by Andrew Pawlowski in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The evening exhibit is ‘Around the World in 36 Frames’, a special photography show created by artist Wojtek Gil.

The exhibition shows the world of three years and just one camera and roll of film, where just one picture in 36 different cities around the world was taken. Gil will be on-hand at the event to talk to guests, who will also able to enjoy great Polish food, drink and music as part of the event.

Tickets cost $15, ($10 for museum members), and free parking and easy subway access is available. The event takes place from 6-10pm at the Polish Museum of America at 984 North Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago.

Pawlowski indicates that he created his project out of his desire to bring the Polish community in Chicago together – he hopes to put together other compelling events at the museum in the future.

Clued Up Brighton Tackles Drug and Alcohol Abuse

anna1A day to educate and raise awareness about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse is being created and is the project of Anna Bryman out of her Landmark SELP program. Named ‘Clued Up Brighton’, the event, being held Sunday, August 1st, will provide a fun day out on the Brighton beachfront as well as an opportunity for young people to see the real costs of drug and alcohol abuse.

The event will run from 2-10pm not far from Brighton’s West Pier. The entertainment for the day includes live bands, jugglers, magicians, stilt walkers and other interesting acts.

At the same time, the event will screen short films by people telling of the impact of drugs and alcohol on their lives, and local support groups on charities will be on hand to provide further information. Dozens of local groups have pitched in to sponsor the event.

beachfestivalBryman, in collaboration with poet Neil Sykes, has written lyrics for a song about the issue and is offering a contest for young songwriters to write their own melodies to fit the song. Three winners from the contest’s three different age categories will have their songs played the day of the show, professionally recorded by Warner Music studios and played on local radio – Juice 107.2, an event sponsor.

Bryman is passionate about the issue, having been personally affected by the death of her brother-in-law and the breakup of her marriage for reasons relating drugs and alcohol. To find out more information about the August 1st event, or to discover how to enter the melody writing contest, please visit the Clued Up Brighton site.