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kirovAnna Zmorzynska’s project in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership programme was to raise money for a home for single mothers in Kirov, Russia.

The project, which was featured in a wide range of media outlets such as the Polish Observer, a Polish language news weekly released in the UK, involved a charity concert held June 27 at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in London. With entertainment provided by a gospel choir, attendees were encouraged to contribute to the cause.

Zmorzynska’s project, which she titled ‘Music for Bethlehem in Vyatka’ (Vyatka is the old name for Kirov) was designed to support a Roman Catholic priest, Father Grzegorz Zwolinski, in his efforts to aid single mothers. According to the Polish Observer, there are very few social services provided to aid mothers and their children.

kirov #2Currently Father Zwolinski aids 11 mothers with food, lodging, clothing and supplies – through the project Zmorzynska is seeking to raise enough money for Zwolinski to set up a home for single mothers and their children to safely live in.

For more information, go to http://catholic.mainsolution.ru/ or email Zwolinski at annazmorzynska@hotmail.com.

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