Caring for Dying Children in Developing Countries

no child dies alongChildren in the developing world who suffer from terminal illnesses often spend their last days alone in poverty, misery and fear. Marie Wrinn, a nurse by training, formed the organization No Child Dies Alone to impact this situation and make sure quality hospice care is provided to children around the world. Her work initially began as a project in Landmark Education’s SELP course and evolved into what it is today.

In 2007 Wrinn heard of the work being done by an organization called Sunflower House in South Africa, and she began with a simple garage sale to support their efforts. In 2008 she visited Sunflower House to see how No Child Dies Alone could positively impact their efforts. Last year, Wrinn went to Honduras to assess conditions there at a children’s cancer clinic and hospital.

Wrinn saw how basic pedicatric hospice training could make a huge difference for caregivers, patients and family members. No Child Dies Alone is committed to delivering the tools by which caregivers can take care of children, their families and themselves.

This fall Wrinn is delivering a caregiver wellness presentation to an international audience of children’s hospice professionals at the Children’s Hospice International World Congress in Washington, DC. To find out more about No Child Dies Alone and the work they are doing, or to make a donation, visit them online at

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