Fitness Programme Comes to Sligo

The Sligo Weekender reports that an outdoor gym facility is coming to Sligo, Ireland, due to the project created in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership programme by Karen McSweeney.

McSweeney has created a Be Alive programme for health and well-being which includes a proposed gym facility at the public walking area in Mitchell Curley Park. The plans were kicked off on May 3 with the holding of a barbecue fundraiser for the facility. The fundraiser also included a raffle and a family sports day event.

The Be Alive programme is intended to promote good fitness habits and overall health and well being. In addition to the gym facility, the programme includes training sessions on the new equipment, and a series of workshops with the title ‘Being Alive: A Holistic approach’.

The workshops will focus on diet, exercise and overall healthy living.

The facility is planned for the outdoors to enable people to get out of a stuffy gym and exercise in the fresh air. The idea of outdoor exercise facilities is catching on in Ireland and worldwide – China, for instance, has recently established 30,000 outdoor exercise facilities.

The equipment is made in Ireland, easy to maintain, and durable in different kinds of weather. To find out more on this Landmark SELP project – read the Sligo Weekender.

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