Novel Art Project Excites Children

According to the Donegal Democrat, a project created in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Programme has gotten youngsters in Ballyshannon involved in a novel project, that incorporates both art and recycling.

Valentia McGahern, who is both a retired art teacher and the chairperson of the Kilbarron Parish Pastoral Group, took up the project in the Landmark programme, which has now become a joint venture between the pastoral group and the Neighbourhood Youth Project (NYP).

McGahern indicates in the article that the project was an evolution of a recent community cleanup, which left waste materials to be discarded. Having young people take the materials and create sculptures which they could take real ownership of was a natural fit, she indicates. The project is designed to not only allow children to contribute in this way but also to allow them to make new friends.

The children, ages 10-13, have apparently shown great enthusiasm as workshops have taught them how to take the recycled materials, combine them with plaster and make a variety of sculptured works, such as masks.

Dara Hand, who led the workshops, sees the creation of a true community sculpture as a real possibility. McGahern and the pastoral group deeply thanked all the children and parents for taking part.

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