The Babe Within Helps Girls Make the Most of Life

By DJacoby / April 28, 2010

the babe withinIn 2009, Rupa Mohan used Landmark Education’s SELP class to create The Babe Within, an eight part program to have girls live a more fulfilled life. The program focuses on key area’s in a girl’s life such as motivation, self-esteem, nutrition and fitness.

The girl’s empowerment program is designed to have each girl discover their own uniqueness, free from the biases and pressures of our culture and the media. The program offers many hands-on activities, including exploring new talents, physical exercise, healthy cooking programs, and beauty tips. Girls are given a journal to record their progress through the program.

The organization’s program was a part of the Lower Bucks County (near Philadelphia) YMCA Summer program in 2009. Events are ongoing – the organization is speaking at the Penwood Middle School’s Girls Night Out event on April 30, and the program returns to the YMCA Summer program when it starts in June.

To learn more, visit The Babe within website and Facebook group.

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