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velo and vintageAccording to Online Broadcasting Systems, a unique show featuring fashion and bicycling in equal parts is coming to Sacramento, thanks to the efforts of cycling activist Lorena Beightler. Conceived in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program (SELP), Beightler’s project, dubbed ‘Velo and Vintage’ (velo is the French word for bicycle), will take place Saturday, May 8, at Hot Italian, which OBS describes as a swanky Sacramento restaurant.

Two ‘runway shows’ will take place that Saturday, where the models will show off their outfits while riding bycycles. The outfits worn by the models are vintage clothing, and the models, who OBS describes as passionate about vintage clothing and cycling, represent small businesses. The master of ceremonies for the event will be West Sacramento mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

As for the reasons for her project, Beightler says “I’m passionate about building community, shopping locally, and helping to promote our local economy.”

Beightler was supported in organizing the event by Sacramento blogger Kari Shipman, who is an expert in eco-friendly vintage clothing.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this fashion show because it is about more than just the clothes and the bikes,” said Shipman.  “It’s about bringing together two often separate communities here in Midtown and celebrating them for the contribution they bring to our city.”

Organizers hope to make the fashion show an annual tradition. To read more about the event and those who contributed free services to allow the event to happen, view the original story from OBS.

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Lorena Beightler - April 22, 2010

Thanks so much for publishing this article.

The experience of creating this event around the possibility of contribution afforded me the rare opportunity of discovering that we all share the desire to make a difference beyond the “what’s in it for me” thinking.

This has been an amazing way to express my passion and leave people inspired about the possibilities surrounding it.

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