Pelican Post Recognized Again

Pelican Post, the organization created by Nick Johnson as his project in Landmark Education’s SELP programme to increase literacy among children around the world, has again received media attention related to an SELP project.

The organization gathers books to be sent to schools in Africa. Previously, we covered King Dunsmore’s Big Book Swap which benefitted Pelican Post. The Amersham and Littlefont Examiner has now covered the SELP project of David Sommer, which also involved generating books for Pelican Post, this time through a local school:

Youngsters learned about a scheme to send books to children in Africa.

Parent David Sommer visited the Chestnut Lane Infant School in Amersham to speak to the pupils about the Pelican Post effort, which involves pledging to post children’s story books to Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda to inspire their peers in these countries to develop a love of reading.

He spoke to the children on March 3, the day before World Book Day activities got underway at the school and nationwide.

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