Free Program for Entrepreneurs Created in Abbotsford

By DJacoby / March 16, 2010

The Abbortsford News of British Columbia reports about a ‘boot camp’ for entrepreneurs created out by Pamela Secord as her project in a Landmark Education program. The free three-day course is designed for adults ages 18-34, and is designed to instill both the business acumen/information and the personal confidence for these young people to successfully start their own businesses. The course is taking place on March 20, 21 and 28.

The entire event is being supported by a wide range of local businesses, whose heads will be speakers at the first two days. The first two days will both look at basics of financing, business planning and marketing, as well as the passion and purpose it takes to start one’s own business. Then during the week, each person will be coached by the speakers in daily phone calls.

On the final day, the group will reconvene to share their progress. They will also be teamed up with a mentor on that day to work with them over the next month. The article indicates that there are 30 people currently registered, with room for many more. It runs from 10am to 4 pm each day on the first weekend (March 20-21) and from 12 to 5pm on the 28th. It takes place at Bradner Hall, 5305 Bradner Rd. To register call Secord at 856-1676.

Here is the complete story by Ashley Wray from The Abbotsford News.

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