Windlesham House School Supports Help 4 Haiti

haiti-windlesham-unicefMichael Druce’s project in Landmark’s SELP course is a fundraiser to Help Haiti relief, specifically through the Unicef UK Charity. Unicef has supported traumatized Haitian youth through a ‘return to happiness’ programme implemented by 180 Creole speakers.

Money is being raised via a ‘Help 4 Haiti’ event at the Windlesham House School in West Sussex taking place on March 21 from 10:30 am to 1pm. The event will feature a series of three-legged races, one of which could end up being the largest three-legged race ever put on.

Fundraising is also taking place online at the Just Giving page for the event – the original fundraising target of £1,000 has already been far exceeded before the event has even taken place, with £2,570 generated as of this writing. Go to the link above and make a contribution or read more.

UPDATED: In total, £4,295 was eventually raised.

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