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Dance the Night Away Event Supports Troops

An event titled ‘Dance the Night Away’ was held on January 30, raising money for Operation Shoebox New Jersey, a charity that sends personal care packages to U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The event was created by Kathy Thornton out of her participation in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

The event, tickets to which cost $10, was held at the First Lutheran Church in Montclair, and featured DJ music, refreshments, and a variety of goods and services generously provided by local businesses and prizes and raffle offerings.

“Over the past year I have been looking at getting what I want out of my life and in doing so I have been taking courses with Landmark Education,” Thornton explained. “The course I am currenlty enrolled in is called the Self Expression and Leadership Porgram; in this course we are assigned to pick a community project that would make a difference in one of the communities in our lives. I cam up with 3 ideas for projects and this one is by far the most challenging.”

Thornton was influenced in her choice of project by having a stepfather, stepsister and stepbrother who all have served in the military. Visit the website of Operation Shoebox New Jersey to contribute or find out more about them.

Free Program for Entrepreneurs Created in Abbotsford

The Abbortsford News of British Columbia reports about a ‘boot camp’ for entrepreneurs created out by Pamela Secord as her project in a Landmark Education program. The free three-day course is designed for adults ages 18-34, and is designed to instill both the business acumen/information and the personal confidence for these young people to successfully start their own businesses. The course is taking place on March 20, 21 and 28.

The entire event is being supported by a wide range of local businesses, whose heads will be speakers at the first two days. The first two days will both look at basics of financing, business planning and marketing, as well as the passion and purpose it takes to start one’s own business. Then during the week, each person will be coached by the speakers in daily phone calls.

On the final day, the group will reconvene to share their progress. They will also be teamed up with a mentor on that day to work with them over the next month. The article indicates that there are 30 people currently registered, with room for many more. It runs from 10am to 4 pm each day on the first weekend (March 20-21) and from 12 to 5pm on the 28th. It takes place at Bradner Hall, 5305 Bradner Rd. To register call Secord at 856-1676.

Here is the complete story by Ashley Wray from The Abbotsford News.

Windlesham House School Supports Help 4 Haiti

haiti-windlesham-unicefMichael Druce’s project in Landmark’s SELP course is a fundraiser to Help Haiti relief, specifically through the Unicef UK Charity. Unicef has supported traumatized Haitian youth through a ‘return to happiness’ programme implemented by 180 Creole speakers.

Money is being raised via a ‘Help 4 Haiti’ event at the Windlesham House School in West Sussex taking place on March 21 from 10:30 am to 1pm. The event will feature a series of three-legged races, one of which could end up being the largest three-legged race ever put on.

Fundraising is also taking place online at the Just Giving page for the event – the original fundraising target of £1,000 has already been far exceeded before the event has even taken place, with £2,570 generated as of this writing. Go to the link above and make a contribution or read more.

UPDATED: In total, £4,295 was eventually raised.

Dances with Weeds

The New Zealand Newspaper Western Leader has written an article about the ‘war on weeds’ initiated by Sandy McGivern and Don Morrison as McGivern’s project in the Landmark SELP programme.

The project gathers people together to remove the weeds around Morrison’s Titirangi primary school, specifically ginger weed. The event is taking place from 10-2 on March 21 at the lower playing field of the school, and volunteers will be fed by a barbecue and entertained by live music. More details are in The original Western Leader article.

“As part of the Landmark Education course I’m doing I had to come up with a project and I wanted to do something which would benefit the community,” said McGivern in the article.

“We need to help people see what’s possible and show them how easy it is to make this a better place.”

Career Awareness Event Benefits Women

The Self-Expression and Leadership Program project of New Jersey resident Mary Ellen Keller is the creation of a Career Awareness Day designed to assist women who have been out of the workforce for a long time. As detailed in the East Brunswick Sentinel, the event, to be held on March 14, will offer a wide range of different resources, including breakout sessions, resume tips, networking, speakers, skill development, interviewing advice and more.

Keller, a vice president at Morgan Stanley, formed the Next Step Network (NSN), which is putting on the event, supported by the sponsorship of the Jewish Family and Vocational Service of Middlesex County (JFVS).

Keller’s passion for making a difference in this area comes from her own experience as a divorced mother of two who needed to re-enter the workforce with little confidence or prospects. As she worked and progressed through her career, she became the go to person in her family for career assistance.

The event is taking place from 12-4pm at the East Brunswick Jewish Center at 511 Ryders Lane. To register, volunteer, or get more information contact Lisa Fiore of JFVS at 732-777-1940 or

Event Benefits Air Ambulance Trust

air ambulanceA fundraiser for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust took place this February at the Globe Inn, in Newtown, with about 100 people attending. The event was created by Martin Sanders, for whom it was his project in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership programme.

Sanders says that £447 has been raised so far as a result of the fundraiser, according to an article in Express & Echo. Martin’s band, Evolver, played at the event, as well as bands Deaf Fish and Echoes. Martin reported that Lorraine Carroll, the band’s lead singer, also arranged the event, and that the Globe Inn made their space available at no cost.

“The air ambulance is a really special charity which operates solely through donations,” he noted. The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a charity that operates two helicopter air ambulances in Devon County, allowing faster treatment and a greater likelihood of survival for those who need immediate medical care.