Adopt-a-Bed Project Aids Recovering Indigents

first step houseRich Jochum harnessed the power of the internet to make his “Adopt-a-bed” project a reality, raising over $8,000 from friends, family and concerned strangers for First Step House of Orange County, a non-profit which helps local homeless men with severe drinking problems.

Specifically, much of the money went for badly needed supplies for the Charle Street short term residential facility, which starts homeless men on the road to sobriety free of charge by having them stay there and take part in a twelve-step program. The facility is volunteer run, all of whom are sober but many of whom were former residents.

Money raised also goes towards the Hamiltom House medium-term facility for 12 newly recovered alcoholics. All of the money for the organization comes from private citizens.

Jochum, who took on the project in his Landmark Education self-expression and leadership program, accomplished much of the fundraising simply through Facebook and other simple means. His latest post indicates $8200 has been raised.

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