Dance Jams Bring Families Together

qidancingKaren Fletcher says she was looking for ways to bring families together to form real communities. In the Landmark SELP program, Fletcher created “Our Dancing Village”, a family dance jam get-together designed to help do just that – give parents, children and families a place to come together to dance and be together. The North Seattle Herald-Outlook wrote a story about the program, which now takes place in Seattle on the second Sunday of each month.

Fletcher says she was inspired by the saying that “it takes a village to raise a family”. A Qigong instructor and dance facilitator, Fletcher passionatley believes that dance is “one of the most powerful ways to build a strong and loving family”.

The first event took place in November, and another followed the next month. The dance jam starts with an opening dance with everyone in a circle, which Fletcher leads. Freeform dancing takes place the rest of the evening.

To get involved and see the schedule of upcoming Dance Jams, which take place from 4-5:30pm at the OmCulture dance space in Wallingford, WA, go to Fletcher’s QiDancing blog.

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