Project Identifies and Restores Neglected Indian Monuments

By Julia Taylor / January 7, 2010

srinivas raoThe project created by Srinivasa Rao in his Landmark SELP programme to identify and restore neglected historic monuments in the Indian province of Karnataka (which includes Bangalore) has been recognized with a major feature article in The Bangalore Mirror.

Rao teamed with six other colleagues in the tech industry to work with him in pooling their time and money to restore dilapidated ancient monuments. His project, first titled “Unseen Karnataka”, began when he wrote about these monuments and the benefits it would bring society for them to be restored. But when he talked with his friends, they all decided that more than writing was called for. Rao relates that they decided that taking direct action was a once in a lifetime opportunity to contribute to their homeland.

temple - indiaThey worked with the Archaeological Survey of Indian, identifying different sites and spending their weekends investigating them. They visited twenty-five locations and began work at three of them. In doing so, they both educated local communities and tourists online about the different sites. In the months that followed, they worked with local citizens and college students to unearth a number of ancient temples.

The costs of excavation are of course very high. Go to the Unseen Karnataka website to get involved.

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Raj [ Rajaram Lakade] - February 16, 2010

I am LandMark Graduate, currently attending SELP and doing same Project I was thinking about can we do it together.


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