Hustle up Hancock Team Reaches 44 Members

talanBob Talan’s “Life is Good” team of climbers for Chicago’s acclaimed “Hustle up the Hancock” charity event, taking place February 28, 2010, has reached 44 members, according to the latest reports. This is the fourth year for that Talan has arranged a large team of climbers to take part in the event, which raises money for the Respiratory Health Association of Chicago (RHAC). Talan’s teams have raised tens of thousands of dollars towards for treatment and research of lung diseases and disorders.

Talan has a personal stake in defeating lung diseases, as his mother died of lung cancer 25 years ago, a week after he got married. Talan starting creating large climbing teams for the “Hustle up the Hancock” climbing event as a project in Landmark Education’s self-expression and leadership program. This year’s team has raised over $7,000 thus far. For more information or to contribute, take a look at The Hustle up the Hancock website, the “Life is Good” team fundraising page, or Talan’s personal fundraising web page.

See also a story about Talan’s original project at the Landmark Education News site.

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