10 Years after Creation, Genesis at the Crossroads Still Going Strong

By DJacoby / December 23, 2009

Genesis at the Crossroads, the project created ten years ago in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program to bridge cultural divides and conflict through the arts, is still going strong, with a recent writeup in the Washington Times of its recent accomplishments.

The project was created in 1999 by Wendy Sternberg, and involves extraordinary musical performances by artists from all different cultures and religions in the Middle East. Recently Sternberg gave up a successful career as a doctor and professor of internal medicine to focus on the non-profit organization she created full time – she is Genesis at the Crossroads’ artistic director.

Here is a brief piece of the article describing the organization:

Her formula is simple. Pair artists from polar opposite communities and cultural backgrounds, and cultural healing isn’t far behind.

Since its inception, Genesis has created and prodced more than 100 cross-cultural collaborative programs, three nationally touring concerts of Arab and Jewish musicians, as well as their Israeli-Palestinian, Gesher-Jisr, Building Bridges performance, featured at the United Nations’ 60th anniversary celebration.

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