Art in the Heart Project Empowers Community

Joy Brockman recently put on a project in her Landmark SELP program in Canada, titled ‘Art in the Heart’. Brockman’s description of the project and the event that came of it appeared in a local publication, shown below.

‘Art in the Heart’ Project

As part of a Landmark Education course, I wanted to empower our community with pride, inspiration and connectedness. Targeting teens, it became evident that we all can use more creative time. I wanted to offer a constructive ‘time-out,’ out of our busyness, out of the isolation of our technical straightjackets. I wanted to create a day of connecting with each other and expressing ourselves through play and ease.

The “Art in the Heart” project was developed and on October 31, the communities of Deux-Montagnes and St-Eustache were invited to a whole day to express themselves artistically, “Come and, with local artists, share your artwork on a huge mural.”

Local artists such as Cecile Bouchard, Luc Latreille, Zola Belanger, shared their artistic know-how. So many came (80 painters plus visitors) that we expanded to use the whole space and create three huge murals. It was fun.

From nothing we created three walls of art and inspiration. People came up to me to say they wanted to see this event repeated and others said they personally wanted to make a simlar difference in their areas. I would love to see this project repeated. Next year let’s plan to see this event happen outside, in a permanent location!

The day was made possible through the generous support of Normand Yargeau (Place St-Eustache), IGA Crevier St-Eustache, and De Serrers Boisbriand. Also thanks to the artists, Bouchard and Latreille in particular, and the graphic artists, translators and friends. Thanks also to those who accepted the invitation and painted. We all made a difference that day. Every day we have a choice to be the difference we want to see in the world. Thank you all.

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