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The Donegal Democrat has published a story about what appears to be the project created by Edmund Meehan in his self-expression and leadership programme that he took with Landmark Education.  The article details Meehan’s experience of Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living, as well as telling about Meehan’s project, a dance organised for the Chernobyl Project.

Chernobyl Project to Benefit from Edmund’s Commitment

Raphoe man, Edmund Meehan, is set to do his bit for the Chernobyl Project by organising a dance in the local Cathedral Hall at the end of the month. It’s a subject close to his heart but it’s not the only reason he’s involving himself in such an endeavour.

On September 7th he will complete the third part of a course that, he says, has changed his life forever. And the forthcoming function will represent his commitment to his own community – a key component of the Landmark Education programme he involved himself initially in towards the end of last summer.

The hugely intensive course embraces three weekend days running from Friday through to Sunday with an early start and a late finish. Participants follow that up with a rounding off session on the subsequent Tuesday. It pledges to bring about “positive and permanent shifts” in the quality of the lives of the participants – a testament fully endorsed by Edmund.

“I’ve always been interested in humanatarian issues all my life and I thought I had a good idea of lots of stuff. In simple terms, I thought I had it right until I did this course.

“After doing it, I do, and look, at things differently,” he insists.

Edmund would, he admits, have regarded himself as something of a counsellor but the Landmark Education course has opened up a whole new avenue of approach in his life and indeed in the lives of those he knows.

Operating a haulage business and running hair and beauty salons in Raphoe in addition to apartments in the town has left him with little time to pursue such projects but find it he has.

“Doing the course has been a horrendous commitment but I have to say a fully rewarding one.”

Apart from his workload, he is also a member of a folk choir and highlights his love of music an abiding interest. “But this is the cream of everything I’ve done in my life so far.”

He had undertaken three of the courses to date along with a series of seminars – all of them located in Dublin. “There’s been a lot of travelling involved and between my work it has been a massive commitment but I have found it fascinating. These courses provide you with the practical tools to deal with life.“It gives you the tools and the community skills to run your life,” maintains the 44 year old businessman.

After completing the initial course, which he describes as “very complex and intensive”, Edmund went on to finish an advanced course and he is currently in the process of undertaking a Programme which focuses on leadership and self-expression. After this he will have the necessary training to be a coach and leader, something he believes will enable him to help others.

The Landmark Forum offers seven specific benefits for participants – courage; self-confidence; freedom from resentment and anger; peace of mind; ability to fully express love; ability to make decisions without doubting; and happiness.

As part of the course, those involved are asked to undertake a community based project to connect with the programme – hence Edmund’s decision to run a special night of dancing in aid of the Chernobyl Project.

“The Chernobyl issue was always something close to my heart and I have supported charities like this before.

A total of 300 tickets are being sold for what’s being billed as an Irish night in the Cathedral Hall, Raphoe, on Friday 31st July. The function runs from 9.30.p.m. to 12.30.a.m. and tickets cost 8 euro each with supper included. Music will be by Gallagher & McColl and there’ll be spot prizes on the night.

There’ll also be a man whose life has taken on a whole new meaning – someone who has already by virtue of his business interests and his life garnered counselling skills given so much to his local community and plans, with the help of a Landmark decision, to do even more in this respect.

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