‘Desire to Inspire’ Boosts Arts

For her project in the Landmark Education SELP Program, Heidi Riggs created Desire to Inspire, an adult talent show which also rewarded two students with arts scholarships. The Coast Reporter of British Columbia, Canada, wrote a feature story covering the event.

Cedar Grove students get creative

Cedar Grove Elementary School has rewarded two deserving and creative students with a bursary.

Last week, students Jillian Dueck and Raven Gonzales received the Desire to Inspire Creative Curiosity Bursary.

On Jan. 31, the stage at the Heritage Playhouse came alive as students, parents, teachers and grandparents gathered together and demonstrated their talents in an evening appropriately called Desire to Inspire.

“Our children are blessed with many opportunities to sing, play, dance and share throughout the school year. Why not offer the adults the same opportunity,” said event organizer Heidi Riggs, who created the community program to complete her participation in the Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership program.

Born of her love of theatre, her first career as a professional ballerina, and the suggestion for an adult talent show from her friend Lisa, the evening was a great success, evident from the laughter and applause of the enthusiastic audience. An inspired idea appeared inside the original plan — to award a bursary for two Cedar Grove students to participate in classes in the arts, classes that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.

“I believe our future lies in the development of our creative gifts,” Riggs said.

Several local businesses and individuals have generously donated to making these bursaries a reality.

Desire to Inspire has become an annual Cedar Grove event, so mark your calendars for Jan. 30, 2010.

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