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Initiative to put spring in seniors’ steps

Joe Amantea’s project in the Landmark SELP program made a difference for senior citizens in Ontario, Canada. On April 16 of this spring, the Pickering News Advertiser wrote a story about Amantea’s project, which was called Operation Clean Sweep.

Initiative to put spring in seniors’ steps

A clean sweep to get Ajax and Pickering seniors off their feet

by Chloe Stanois

Spring cleaning is coming for Ajax and Pickering Seniors.

A new event, Operation Clean Sweep, is an outdoor spring clean-up of seniors’ homes in Ajax and Pickering. Organized by Joe Amantea, assistant technology engineer at Ontario Power Generation, a team of 60 volunteers will clean the yards of senior citizens.

Mr. Amantea started Operation Clean Sweep because, “I was taking a course of landmark education, and that motivated me.”

Volunteers will be visiting at least 12 seniors’ homes on one day and doing a general spring cleaning outdoors. They will clean windows, rake lawns, trim tree branches, clean out gardens and hopefully plan some flowers.

“It is targeted towards seniors who have no family to help them, and find it difficult to do the work themselves. We definitely want to help them out,” Mr. Amantea says.

With spring cleaning being so physically demanding, the idea is that a once-stressful situation will be turned into just light work that the home owners can maintain.

Finding volunteers has not been an issue for the event, as engineering employees have already started to sign up, but Mr. Amantea hopes to find ans many seniors as he can.

Wellness Fair Aids Community

Brett Adams co-created the Wasatch Wellness Fair as his project in the self expression and leadership program offered by Landmark Education. Held May 30, the fair promoted fun, fitness and community, with events introducing residents to specialists in healthy living. The Park Record of Park City, Utah wrote an article discussing the event.

Park City wellness fair today at City Park

by Andrew Kirk

Brett Adams said he was sitting on his couch one day noticing he’d gained a little weight. He realized there were dozens of options in Park City for addressing that problem, but didn’t really know where to start.

The two separately reserved time at City Park on May 30 for events designed to introduce the community to specialists in healthy living. Once they realized it, they joined efforts to create the Wasatch Wellness Fair.

From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the park will be filled with physical trainers, yoga practitioners, dieticians, chiropractors, masseuses, physicians, aromatherapy and even acupuncture experts. Every half hour vendors will give presentations on their areas of expertise.

“Our purpose is to network with other professionals and businesses in this community. We want to bolster each other’s businesses and meet other owners to be able to refer tourists, visiting friends and relatives to different businesses offering what people are specifically looking for,” Roberts explained.

Adams said he wants to promote fun, fitness and community.

“I say that and people here say, ‘How can I be involved? How can I participate?'” he said.

Adams is an airline pilot and because he’s gone for work so often, he said he often feels disconnected from the community. He envisions this event as a fun and interactive way for people to mingle and learn more about one of this community’s greatest passions: living an active lifestyle.Roberts couldn’t agree more.

“Everyone here has made the same life choice. Their goals might not be the same, but attitudes are all healthy,” she said.

Vendors paid a fee to have booth space. That money will be donated to a health-related non-profit group the organizers will vote on, Roberts explained.

The fair today features live music, food and dozens of people talking about yoga, bicycle maintenance, fly fishing, rock climbing, Pilates and more. Because building community is the goal of the event, the fair features “something for everyone,” Roberts said. In her own practice she’s helping a cyclist prepare for a major mountain bike championship. She’s also helping a woman in her 80’s get the most from her walking routine.

“We want to attract the whole community and entice them to partake of everything we have to offer here. It’ll be a great way to kick off the summer season,” she said.

Eileen Dunn, owner of Done To Your Taste Catering, will be a vendor at the park promoting a branch of her business called Done To Your Health offering a wide variety of services promoting healthy living.

Because food is her specialty, she’ll be at the fair talking about raw food diets as well as other super-foods that are organic, sustainably-produced and nutrient-rich, she said.

“There’s such a great source of knowledge in town that locals don’t know about. There are some fabulous talented people,” she said.

People who ride bicycles to the event will be entered into a raffle for prizes. Adams and Roberts hope to make the event annual and to include  health care professionals in the future.

Get together for Palestine

palestineSusana Garcia Cervero took fun to a new level when she created a fundraising event to benefit Medical Aid for Palestinians ( Cervero, who created the project in Landmark Education’s SELP, created the project to benefit those with an urgent need and bring an extremely entertaining event to the community at the same time.

The event, which was held May 2 in London, featured music from a wide variety of modern and traditional artists. Performers included Mecca2Medina, a socially conscious hip hop band, guitarist Anita Maj, London Rapper/beatboxer MC Xander, Algerian artist R-A and many others.