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be-well.gifIn Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program, Amy Silverman helped pioneer the launch of BeWell, at, a website that creates events and resources that support wellness in all its aspect – physical, financial and personal.

One of BeWell’s premier launch events was the “Thriving Arts Initiative”, held January 19th in New York City, which was a party that featured a panel of successful artists designed to support the artistic community in moving from being “starving artists” to “thriving artists”. In addition to the panel, the party offered free consultations with experts including financial and investment coaches, personal trainers, weight loss specialists, and more.

A variety of other events – seminars, webinars, trips, and phone conferences – have followed quickly at BeWell, featuring a wide range of wellness experts in a variety of fields. Silverman herself led a conference call introduction to internet franchising on February 25th. ‘Be Well’ now offers a newsletter, a membership option (which includes special events and outdoor activities, shopping discounts, and more) and a large array of different wellness resources.

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