Homes for 18 Year Old Foster ‘Children’

By DJacoby / March 9, 2009

Yvonne Evans’ project in Landmark’s SELP program involves providing places to live for foster children who turn 18 but who have no place to live. According to Evans, over half of all foster care children who turn 18 have no place to live and a quarter of them eventually end up in prison. Watch the video below to see Evans talk about the problem and what can be done about it.

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Linda Lee Fields - May 5, 2010

Have just begun to throw around ideas with a couple friends about how to help the ‘aged out of Foster Care” in the Los Angeles area. (An old resurrected dream of mine) Part of my plan involves a benefit to raise awareness and multiple types of support for this group of young people.

Other ideas include a summer or year-round volunteer program offering incentives to these youth connected to creative programs in arts, sports, job skills, tutoring for GED and college, etc. (A friend of a friend helped with a drama program in another state that kept a group of these creative-types focused on their other goals in order to remain in the production of the play they did.)

Your video (Yvonne Evans and Monte Hynes?) was the first thing I’ve come upon on-line that sounds like what I would like to do in the LA area. I would love to know how it’s going there. How long ago was this video made? – How are things going in Walnut Creek?

A kindred spirit,
Linda Lee Fields

Georgina Herzog - June 28, 2012

Hi Yvonne,
I came across your site looking for info on foster care homes. We have a place in the country in Polk City Fl. We thought about turning it into a foster care home for kids who turn 18 in foster care.
We are planning to move closer to town and instead of selling our place maybe we could do some good with it. How does it work?
We live on 5 ac with a 4 bedroom home. There is a 3 stall horse barn, good size shed, 3 decks and a smaller shed connected to one of the decks that could be turned into a 5th bedroom.
I know they would have to have a foster care mom living on the site.
The master bedroom has it’s own bath and a extra room for an office etc.
The place is fenced. The only draw back is it is about 20/25 mins from town/colleges.
Could you please give me information on how it works?
Thank you,

Simone Johnson - August 9, 2013

Hello! I’m so glad I stumbled across this site. I’m launching my non-profit on Sept. 2nd. I will be assisting 18-20 yr. old foster children transitioning to the adult world by offering them educational grants…and I will be assisting adults w/children living in homeless shelters by providing the a home for thirty days, resources, food, bus pass, etc. Wish me luck!

Linda - April 12, 2014

Contact Just in Time in San Diego. They will be a great resource for you. They help set up 18 y/o foster children in their own apt, jobs, etc.

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