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By Julia Taylor / February 26, 2009

Suresh Kumar took on a Project on Waste Management, named ‘Clean Bangalore’, as part of his participation in SELP. The intention of the project is to segregate the waste into WET & DRY. WET wastebeing used as manure & DRY waste being taken to sorting station & dispose it appropriately. His project is extending to e-waste & also ‘No Plastic Use’.

This newsletter of the Royal Palm describing the work of Suresh Kumar and Clean Bangalore give a sense of the kind of dedication and hard work it takes to have a Self Expression and Leadership program project flourish in a community.

Our January volunteer meeting was held on Jan.10th 2009. Thanks to all the members who came for the meeting. The following are the members who attended the meeting: Suresh Kumar, Chidananda, Ramachandra and Chethan.

The meeting began with a brief description of Saahas activities.

Suresh Kumar, who is attending the meeting for the second time, gave us an update of the pilot waste management that he has instituted in his apartment complex: Royal Palms, HAL. Ten families have been inducted into the waste management programme. They segregate their waste as dry and wet. The organic waste is then composted. The dry waste which comprises recyclable material is stored and further sorted in a sorting station set up in the basement. Here is how he did it (extracted from the Royal Palms newsletter). Great job!

Pilot at RP

Beginning 8 Dec 2008, 10 families at RP volunteered to be part of this pilot project of segregating their waste into wet and dry. For easy of managing the pilot, these 10 families were selected from one single wing; A-wing. These flats are 004, 005, M04, 104, 105, 204, 206, 303, 304 and 306.

These houses collect dry waste in the same mode as done earlier with a minor difference. Instead of using the regular black garbage bags or using one of the white plastic bags we get from supermarkets, they use a blue bag provided to them. This colour coding is done to segregate their sorted waste from other unsorted waste from their neighbours. They collect their wet waste in a steel bucket with lid, provided to them. In this bucket, they collect their daily kitchen waste mostly collected as part of the cooking in the morning. They keep the wet and dry waste outside by 10 am. The housekeeping assistants has been trained for this new process. They collect the wet waste buckets and transfer them to the composting units. In RP, these are kept behind the badminton court and resemble large earthen pots.

Once the staff empties the bucket, they wash it and return it back to the respective house. Flat number is marked on the bucket for identification. The RP gardener has been trained to do the required maintenance of adding dry leaves, mixing them, adding germ culture to accelerate the composting process, etc.

The dry waste, collected in blue bags is taken to the ‘Dry Waste Sorting Station’. This is located far side of the basement. Waste is sorted into plastic, paper, cardboard, glass,metal, TetraPak and eWaste. A nearby scrap dealer comes twice a week to pick up this sorted waste and gives us the appropriate commercial value for the scrap. TetraPack and e-Waste is sent to different collection agency.

From here to where…

After doing this pilot for over a month, it is time to roll out to larger set of houses especially in B and C wings.

Chidananda and Ramachandra work together and have offered to help out with revising and updating our website. Chidananda has also offered to have an e-waste collection receptacle in his office building. Thanks and we’ll be looking forward to your help.

Chethan, who has worked/volunteered with us for the last six months, has offered to identify some scrap dealers, especially those in the RT Nagar/Hebbal area. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to meeting more of you next month. .

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Julia Taylor

Kishan - March 31, 2009

What is Suresh’s contact info?

Yash - July 1, 2009

Hi All,

I am part of a volunteer team in my apt. to collect the dry and the wet waste.

we are having tie up with one NGO, but due to some reasons they have poor logistics and planning.

Due to this reason the collection we are doing within out apartment (which has 72 flats) is overloaded.

We are at Brookfields, kundalahalli.

kindly suggest us a way so that we can take this forward.

thanks in advance


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