Family Rakes for Sick Children

sick-kids.jpegMike Arazyan’s SELP project involved making a difference for sick children, but just as important to him, it has his children and their friends learning the value of making a difference for others. The family took on doing raking, snow shoveling and other chores to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Kids in Canada. Inside Toronto wrote a story about the Arazyan family project.

Children rake it in for Sick Kids

Community fundraiser encouraged by father

Mike Arazyan wanted his two children to become involved with their community and learn to give back to the country they call home.

“I wanted them to appreciate what they have here and I wanted them to give back and not take things for granted,” said Arazyan, who moved with his family to the United States from Armenia before settling in Canada in 2003. “But I didn’t know how to do that.”

When the fall season hit, Arazyan talked with other parents in his Bayview and Cummer avenues neighbourhood and came up with the idea of raising money for The Hospital for Sick Children by offering to rake leaves in back and front yards.

“The true reason is not to raise funds specifically for Sick Kids,” Arazyan said. “The Sick Kids name has appeal but it’s not important who we raise money for or how much we raise, but for kids to get involved.”

Since October, the five children involved with the fundraiser have raised $260. Their goal is to hit $5,000 by December.

“It is an ambitious goal,” Arazyan admitted. “I don’t know if we will get there. What I really want is to see others take a similar initiative. I want to inspire others.”

Arazyan’s daughter, Viktoria, said she’s always wanted to rake leaves.

“This is our first year in a house,” the 10-year-old said. “So I was excited to rake leaves. It’s fun and we’re able to do it together.”

Viktoria gets a helping hand from her brother Alexander, 6, and friends Pauline Shteiman, 9, and Victoria Reid and Aryana Rabii, both 11.

“This is the first time I’ve fundraised,” Viktoria said. “We’re telling all our friends.”

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