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computer.jpgPeter Landau of Chicago has created a project in the Self Expression and Leadership Program to get computers and computer equipment to children in need. Landau reports on what the organization is creating:

I’d like to share with you an exciting new organization that I am starting with a group of fellow technology professionals. It is called This is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that will help collect used computers and provide them for kids in Chicago who need them.

Why are we doing this?

So many of us work for companies who replace their old computers with new ones that are more current for business use. What happens to the old computers? By law, they are supposed to be properly recycled rather than put out in the trash. Some people dispose of them improperly, which is bad for the environment. Many of these computers, while no longer optimal for business use, will still work great for a kid who needs a computer.

How can you help?

You can help find computers to donate. If you are a technology professional, you can also participate at one of our events and give your time to help refresh the computers that are being donated. We will be working side by side with the kids who are getting the computers. It will be a fun, educational opportunity for them and a rewarding experience for you. We can all make a big difference in these kids’ lives!

When is this happening?

We are going to be doing this regularly, starting with February 8th, 2009. Every quarter, we will have an event day. We will collect computers for each of these events and have a great time working with the kids.

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Computers for Kids | Landmark Education Self-expression and Leadership - January 24, 2009

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Chris Turley - March 17, 2010

For a nearly unlimited supply of computer equipment in Chicago contact Andy Vass at Andy works with a group to “put a mouse in every house”. Computers are only given to other organizations (not individuals), are less than four years old and have been stripped of data. You must install a new OS and OpenOffice or similar applications. Use my name and tell him we were connected through SELP. Good luck. Chris TUrley

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