Student Artwork Aids South Africa

cavan-art-exhibit.jpgBen Flood’s project in the SELP allowed students from four schools to create an art exhibition which aided children in South African townships. The Anglo-Celt newspaper wrote the story.

Schools do their Art for Africa

Michael Cryan

The four secondary schools in Cavan town took part in an art exhibition in the Town Hall to raise funds for schools in the South African townships on Saturday.

Students from Loreto College, The Royal School and Breffni College were involved in the exhibition, which was organised by Bernard Flood as part of his Self Expression Leadership Programme with Landmark Education. The exhibition was a “demonstration of cooperation and harmony between the communities that are in Cavan as well as reaching out in friendship and generosity to school children in the South African townships”.

According to Bernard, the exhibition consisted of 40 pieces of artwork, ten from each of the schools.

Their aim was to raise £3,000 from the exhibition, which would be donated to schools in the townships through the Niall Mellon Township Trust, which had worked with schools in those areas.As part of his programme Bernard came up with the exhibition idea, which was entitled Art Works for Africa.

“The idea was to raise funds for schools in South Africa and I wanted to get the four second level schools involved.” “There were some excellent pieces from each school and it was the first exhibition of its kind to be staged in Cavan” he told the Anglo-Celt.

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