Del Toro Takes on Patterson Garbage

When garbage began to pile up in the commercial district of Patterson, New Jersey, Francisco Del Toro took action, leading a cleanup campaign as his project in the Self Expression and Leadership Program he took with Landmark Education. The Latino News wrote a story about the campaign.

Passaic Business Owners Clean Their Block

by Juan Esteban Villegas

Business owners from 1st Street in Passaic decided to grab shovels, brooms, and garbage bags and clean up all the dirt which has been degrading the appearance of the commercial area of the city.

Tired of seeing people throwing out bags and bags of trash, Francisco Javier Del Toro, owner of La Providencia, along with Mieguel Martinez from GROMEX (Mexican Food Distributors), and Jaime Martinez from L.M. Imports, joined forces and managed to get all the business people from their block to work together on this.

But Del Toro and the two Martinez weren’t counting on the City’s Department of Public Works to help them carry out this task.

“We went to city hall to ask for a a permit, but later we were told that they themselves were going to help us out with machinery,” said Del Toro. “All that garbage was affecting the way we were doing business.”

To finish up with their cleaning campaign, last Sunday, October 5th, residents and business owners bought flowers and trees which were later planted in a place that looked nothing like what it used to be.

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